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  • Modelo: 482I

    MAXIMIZADOR SONICO DUAL VERDADERA OPERACION DUAL 482I The 482i Sonic Maximizer restores natural brilliance and clarity to an audio signal by the use of two integrated functions. First, it adjusts the phase relationships between the low, mid and high frequencies through adding progressively longer delay times to lower frequencies, creating a kind of mirror curve to neutralize the effect of loudspeaker phase distortion. Second, the Sonic Maximizer augments higher and lower frequencies as loudspeakers tend to be less efficient in their extreme treble and bass ranges. 

  • Modelo: 882I

    MAXIMIZADOR SONICO DUAL ALTO HEADROOM Y BAJO 882I The 882i is a dual-mono Sonic Maximizer that features our fourth generation processing engine and perfectly suited for any studio, PA system, guitar/bass rig or any application that requires balanced connectivity.